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I'm claiming ariadne_elise as my BFF now & forever! She's both fiction & reality; she's smart, sassy, fashionable, fearless & faithful! She is my loyal friend, my savior, my psychological support & my link to sanity. She's practical & organized, the grown-up in my life who alternately loves & deals with me & she does it all without complaint. She dragged my chiffon-wearing ass to a life-changing auction, she confronted "the reclusive prince in his high lonely tower" in her PJ's & slippers for me!, she even offered herself up to the "psycho-stalker" to protect me. The loveliest, loyalist BFF in all the world!

Arielle Quigont/H.M.M.C., you are my BFF-forever!! I get hurt or mad at you sometimes & I've started fights before because of my godawful temper. I know you have every right to walk away when I get crazy, but you never do & I love you for that! You live another world just to make me happy & I love you for that too! I'll always love you, no matter what happens!! This I promise you!! ***HUGS*** 

Best Friends Forever!!

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